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Vastu shastra is the spiritual, scientific design system from India’s Vedic tradition. Vaastu creates the peace and stability we need for greater success and joy in life. Vaastu is perfect for conscious lifestyles in alignment with nature.

Vaastu Bhagwan or Vaastu Purusha is the energy of all growth and manifestation that lies dormant in Earth. We pray to vaastu bhagavan and he blesses us with peach and success. Read the below for your more information of eight directions and their lords:-

  1. East – Indra
  2. Southeast (agneya) – Agni
  3. South – Yama
  4. Southwest ( Nairuthi ) – Nirruthi(rakshasa-demon)
  5. West – Varuna or Rain Lord
  6. Northwest ( Vayavya) – Vayu or Lord of Air
  7. North – Kubera or Lord of Money.
  8. Northeast ( Eshan ) – Eshan or Lord Shiva ( Eswar )

In accordance with the above principle deities residing are:

  • Northeast side Eshwar or Esa
  • East side Adithya or Sun
  • Southeast side Agni or God of fire
  • South side Yama or God of Death
  • Southwest side Niruthi or Mighty Demon
  • West side Varun or God of Water
  • Northwest side Vaayu God of Air
  • North side Kuber God of Wealth

In the NE side prayer, worship, and such holy activities.

East side activities pleasing to sun God who is the lord of Zodiac head of the family’s work.

In the south east activities relating to utilizations of fire, energy, etc. such as cooking, boilers, electric switch boards etc.

In the south side presided by Yama, God of Death… sleeping with head towards south, having a raised platform, putting heavy articles etc of the enterprise on this side in the construction etc.

Southwest side armory and such equipment which give security to the construction or enterprise.

West side having the science of prosperity such as Granary (not underground), Cattle shed, parking area for the vehicles etc.

Northwest side science of freedom. North side sign of prosperity, keeping low level, storing hidden wealth appropriately, such as jewellery, expensive cloths, hard cash etc.

These activities, placement etc are pleasing to the presiding deities in the respective directions and hence they shower their blessings on the residence.

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