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Financial prospect of a person Born in different Lagna will be stated as below:


First Drekkana (0-to-10 deg.) — Variable, gain through property and rural industries and

Some times through marriage.Important Years-18th.,28th.,


Second            (11-to-20deg.) — He gives the impression of being richer than he actually is

Important years- 20th.,24th.,29th.,36th.,47th.,56th.,61st.

Third               (21 to 30 deg.) — Takes risk in money matters and is pulled down by his

Enemies.Generally fortunate in financial matters.important

Years- 21st.,25th.,31st.,36th.,42nd.,45th.,51st.,52nd.


First Drekkana (0-to-10 deg.) — Earns lot of money, does not stay in his hand, unless he

Takes precautions in his earlier life. He will hardly leave anything for his children and dependants . Important years


Second            (11-to-20 deg.) — Frugal and detest getting in to debts. On account of his

Overcautious nature he may miss many sound opportunities for money-making. He will steadily strengthen his financial

Position, become wealthy, provided there are no other adverse

Yogas. Important years—17th.,21st.,24th.,33rd.,50th.,55th.

Third               (21-to-30 deg) — Un happy so far as money concerned. As age advances, he

Becomes comparatively poor. He may give his money away to others or waste it in meaningless schemes.Speculations is not advisable, should deal with money very carefully.Important

Years – 18th.,22nd.,26th.,31st.,35th.,


First Drekkana (0-to-10 deg.) — After 30th controls over large sums of money .Women plays

a large part, avoid litigations, unexpected reversal may be

expected in money matters, Insurance companies, trusts,

electrical installations, aviation and such occupations will be

favourable . The most important years—23rd. 30th. 45thand 54th

Second                                    — Govt. services will not be as favourable as business or other

enterprises.He will sustain heavy losses.Moon in debility there will be many hitches. Important years—19th, 23rd. 25th. 29th. 32nd 36th. 43rd., 46th., 49th.,

Third                                       — Earn money by intellectual means, Speculative business is not

advisable, some lose through litigations in 45th or 46th years. The

important years —24th. 29th., 33rd., 35th., 41st., 47th.,59th.,60th.,62nd.


First Drekkana (0-to 10 deg.) — Frugality often takes the form of miserliness , do many things

fooloish in finance, difficulty in acquiring wealth and frequently

the inheritance is lost, may meet heavy financial losses, may gain

by private enterprises. Important years—17th., 24th.,29th.,31st.,39th.,


Second                                    — Seldom lucky in money matters, His generous nature will be a

handicap for him to save money, risky investmentsare not advisable

lose money through litigation and blackmail, if Sun is exalted he is

fortunate, much earning by high political appointment. The

important years—18th.,27th.,34th.,44th.,53rd.,and 60th.


Third                                       — Careless in money matters, in advancing years, may face poverty,

loss, difficult to manage his affairs carefully, his fortunes are subject

to much change. Important years will be 19th, 26th,33rd,36th,45th,48th


First Drekkana (0-to-10 deg.) — wealth  from personal merit, but financially hardly successful

earning may be good will always be in want Trading in commodities

food and clothes also advisable, In service sudden and unexpected

reverses, may earn through astrology, reversal of fortune may occur

Important years— 21st.26th,31st,33rd, 38th, 43rd, 50th, 54th,

Second                                    — Much depend upon the position of Mercury, may become a good

Writer or journalist, or may earn money through literature and music

In service likely to earn displeasure of his superiors, financial career

Will be moderate, after 50th or thereabout he may get wealth through

Insurance or investments. Important years—23rd, 26th, 31st, 36th, 45th

53rd, 54th.and 56th.In spite of talents, the native seldom dies rich.

Third                                       — Fare and better in money matters earned through unexpected way

Succeed in contract works,shipping products,and in intellectual

Pursuits as well.

The important years will be—20th,25th,30th,33rd,38th,43rd,48th.


First Drekkana (0-to-10 deg.) — Not considerable, aquired by dint of labour and exertion, chance

of loss specially during the earlier part of life, speculation risk should

should be avoided, He can earn money by judicious investment ,

industries, business connected with toilets, perfumery, millinery, he

can also attain success as an organizer or company promoter, music

etc. Important years—18th,24th,30th,36th,42nd,49th,55th

Second                                    — financial conditions will be much better off. He is likely to get

considerable wealth. Care is necessary in speculations, Jupiter

transiting –Scorpio, Aquarius, and Cancer – particularly important

in his financial career ,will spend money on wayward habits, unless

other favourable combinations are not present. Important years like

first drekkana

Third                                       — early life is much more successful than the middle , the career

marked by many disappointments ,leading to misery, gambling and

speculations should be avoided, Important years—20th, 26th,32nd,

35th, 40th,and  50th


First Drekkana (0-to-10 deg.)— Success in business enterprises, legal, political ,in luxury and an

Extravagant style of living, speculative nature however harmful.

Important years—17th, 24th, 31st, 33rd, 40th, 43rd, 57th

Second                                    — sudden financial reverses, by unusual methods, sometimes

unscrupulous too, get in to trouble on account of misuse of others

money, writing if Mercury is well placed, ordinary business will

not attract him, may spend money in unusual ways. Important years

will be—15th, 22nd, 24th, 29th, 31st, 36th, 42th,44th, and 51st.

Third                                       — will be generally lucky, as hotel manager and caterer, music

And fine art will also attract him, in service sudden promotion,

Under disadvantages in the early life, The important years will

Be—16th, 18th, 23rd, 25th, 27th, 32nd, 39th, 46th, and 53rd.


  First Drekkana (0-to-10 deg.)— Two distinct sources of income , Business enterprises, Journalism

And industries, extensive litigations and powerful enemies, stocks

shares and industries will attract, monetary affairs are fraught

with uncertainty but when favourable combinations obtain, the

native will a mass considerable quantity of money. Important year

14th, 22nd, 23rd, 29th, 30th, 40th, 41st, 45th

Second                                    — In matter of finance the subject will not be prudent. He will be

a dreamer but some times dream may become reality. He will

also come under peculiar conditions, depends upon the position of

Jupiter. When he has money he will be extravagant and when he

does not have it, he will adjust himself to circumstances. Important

years—25th, 32nd,41st, 49th, 57th, 63rd.

Third                                       — Will get some good properties. Rarely trusts people, lose considerable

money through robbery and swindling. Important years—22nd, 25th, 33rd

36th, 41st, 44th, 49th, 57th, 63rd,


First Drekkana (0-to-10 deg.)— Much depend upon Saturn disposition, partnership does not suit ,

two or more source of income, liable to reversal at the age of 32.

much care is necessary in signing of contracts, papers, agreements and

documents . Important years—19th, 20th, 28th, 29th, 37th, 38th, 46th, 55th

Second                                    — A rolling stone unable to stick to any particular avocation, income

fluctuate, and uncertainty. Even in service there will be many vicissitudes,

speculation and gambling should be avoided, mining, shipping, transport,

metallurgy, factory, labour etc. will suit him. Important years—20th,29th

38th, 40th,47th,49th,56th

Third                                       — Except in the early part will be generally sound, will make money in

strange and sometimes in quite odd ways. Receive sudden legacies, may

lead in to trouble. Provided the native does not indulge in speculation,

he will a mass considerable wealth. Important years—17th,26th,29th,35th,

38th, 42nd, 49th


First Drekkana (0-to-10 deg.) — Wealth due to personal merit, speculation also, big plans but seldom

Succeed he should not over trust others. Success in any legitimate business

He may care to go in for. Investments connected with mining, precious

Stones, and crystals also factories will prove favourable. Important years

20th, 21st, 30th,31st,40th,45th,50th.

Second                                    — A lot of regard for money, spent money on purposes not worth while

In the latter half of life he will become generous , banking will good for

Sound investment. Important years—22nd,24th,32nd,35th,42nd,45th,50th

Third                                       — Undesirable friends will drain financial resourses. Music, dancing

literary work, fine arts will be suitable, great caution in money matters,

during the early life many disappointments but success after 40th  years

speculation is not advisable. Important years—26th,29th,36th,41st,46th,



First Drekkana (0-to-10 deg.)— Provided Jupiter is well placed, will feel the want of money, earning

through different sources –particularly from journalism, book publication

politics, occult arts etc. gain through cooperation, partnership-association

and marriage. Strong desire to aquire wealth, the Important years—16th,

24th, 25th, 29th,35th, 46th, 57th.

Second                                    — The above results may apply with – can make money as hotel manager

restaurant-keeper, or mining engineer, inclined to indulge in luxury and

an extravagant form of life, prone to take risks in speculations will be

successful to some extent , great opportunities will present , he should not

go in for large schemes, find to work with others, important years—15th,

26th, 27th, 37th, 38th, 51st, 58th, 59th, and 67th.

Third                                       — Financial condition will not be sound , business will generally be good

will do well in artistic lines, will have several reverses, landed properties

will bring advantageous returns, Important years—will be 17th, 22nd, 26th

33rd, 40th, 44th, 49th, 53rd, 55th, 60th,


First Drekkana (0-to-10 deg.) — many opportunities for amassing wealth, if he can exercise control

over himself, will be generous and spend well in the first half of his life

but after 45th year, will become miserly if Mars in the 8th, inclined to

wreck his good fortune getting involved in expensive litigation, he will

succeed as a healer or doctor, inclined to speculation and successful to

some extent, will success in stocks, shares, and industries, the Important

years—22nd, 24th,29th,34th,38th,41st,49th,56th

Second                                    —- wealth will be due to his own efforts, a double occupations, make

money easily, always be craving and will never be satisfied, later in life he

may come under uncertain conditions, Important years—20th,29th,32nd,43rd

47th, 55th,61st

Third                                       — will be prudent in money matters and will hardly trust any people, he

will experience losses from robbery, will fortunate in business connected

with risk or chance, will have many unexpected changes, he should be

careful in signing documents or important papers, can expect gain through

unexpected sources, will successful in investments as in public life.

Important years—25th, 27th,28th,32th,37th,41st,47th,53rd,and 60th.

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