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  • Take the lords of the 9th from the Lagna & the Moon
  • Add the Root numbers of these Planets
  • Divide the total by 12
  • The remainder counted from Chandra Lagna (Radical Moon)
  • This is the special Chandra Lagna or we shall call—“Dhan Lagna”

Root Numbers for the Planets:-

SUN                30 Kalas                      JUPITER                    10 Kalas

MOON           16 Kalas                      VENUS                      12 Kalas

MARS            06 Kalas                      SATURN                    01 Kalas

MERCURY    08 Kalas


  1. If Dhan Lagna occupied by a numbers of benefics — earns immense wealth
  2. If only one benefic and unaspected by other benefic or malefic— highly rich
  3. Occupied by only pure malefic(Sun, Mars, Saturn) — have moderate wealth in beginning but considerable later on in life. 
  4. Occupied by a malefic & a benefic— able to command a lot of wealth.
  5. The same rules applies in the case of aspects also
  6. Planets situated in “Dhan Lagna” or aspecting it or situated in angles or trines from it will also give wealth in the course of their dasa, and bhukti.
  7. Those situated in 3, 6, 8, 12 from this Lagna will destroy wealth and give Unnecessary expenses and loses.

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