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Are you born under “kal-sarp” dosh  ? ? ?

In the light of sarvamangal research findings the best piece of advice that can be given to the young this is not a kind of dosh for which remedies are required. There are a number of example of so called  “ kal sarp” born are on top ranks what ever the field may be.

The question is, first of all to judge whether the native is born under this so called “kal sarp dosh” or not ? Because we have a bitter experience 90% cases declared as kalsarp dosh was free form such so called dosh

Placement of rahu & ketu in the birth chart is important factor , rahu and ketu if placed in– lagna, 2nd., 4th. 5th., 7th., 9th., 10th. (other than 3rd, 6th., & 11th. Houses rahu and ketu treated as malefic), the significance of the house under consideration is damaged, but they can give favourable results when they are conjoined with or aspected by the lord of beneficial houses particularly “yoga karak”, as for cancer and leo mars is yoga karak, if rahu is aspected or conjoined with mars and is placed in auspicious house, he will give the result of a yoga karak.

Therefore, we should consider evil or favourable effects of rahu & ketu without placing the chart under so-called “kal-sarp’ dosha.

Generaly if all the planets with or without lagna comes under axis of rahu and ketu chart is placed under so called “kal-sarp” dosha

Suppose with aries lagna , rahu and ketu are placed in 6tand h. & 11th. House, with all planets under the axis ofrahu & ketu should the chart be  placed under such dosha?

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