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KARAKAS :Each planet is supposed to be the karaka of certain events in life.

BHAVAS :- These correspond roughly to the “Houses” of  Western Astrology . The most powerful Point in a bhava is its Madhya  Bhaga  or Mid point whereas the first point is the most Powerful in “Western House” . There are 12 Bhavas and each controls rather Signifies Certain important events and incidents .

BHAVAS          HOUSES           KARAKAS                            SIGNIFICATION

1-Thanu           1st.House           Sun                                Build,body, appearance, fame,                                                                                               defamesuccess, complexion, nature                                                                                       of birth etc

2-Dhana          2nd.House        Jupiter                         Family, speech, vision, wealth, death

3-Bhratru         3rd.House        Mars                            Brother, sister,(born after the native )

intelligence,courage,throat,ears,                                                                                            father’sdeath, relatives in general etc.

4-Matru(Sukh)            4rth.House      Moon                          General happiness, vehicles,                                                                                                  education,mother, immovable                                                                                                properties etc.

5-Putra             5th.House         Jupiter                         Fame, children, poorvapunya,                                                                                                emotion, feelings, faith in God, etc.

6-Satru             6th.House         Saturn                          Diseases, debts, misery, enemies,                                                                                           accidents, mental affliction, mother’s                                                                                    brother etc.

7-Kalatra          7th.House         Venus                          Wife/Husband, death, tact, marital                                                                                         happiness

8-Ayur             8th.House         Saturn                          Longevity, gifts, un-earned wealth,                                                                                        legacies nature of death, disgrace,                                                                                          degradation etc.

9-Pitru(Dharma)9th.House      Sun                              Father, righteousness, preceptor,                                                                                            God,father guru, long travels, piety,                                                                                       grand children,

intution, sympathy, fame,                                                                                                       charity leadershipcharity, religion,                                                                                           communication with sprits

10-Karma        10th.House       Jupiter                         Occupation, karma, philosophical                                                                                          knowledge honours, foreign travels,                                                                                      self respect, dignity means of                                                                                                             livlihood, etc.

11-Labh               11th.House  Jupiter                         Gains, elder brother/sister, friends,                                                                aquisition,freedom from misery, and                                                                     happy tidings etc.

12-Vyaya        12th.House       Saturn                          Loss, moksha, extravagance, expenditure,

confiscation, sayan sukha(pleasure of                                                            couch)lefteye,feet,incarceration,                                                                    devine  knowledge and piety ,and a                                                                final emancipation  (moksha) etc.


 Sun            –father, body, political position,soul,gold, fame, goverment

Moon          –mother, mind, politeness, manners,cold, silver, milk

Mars           –brother, sisters, physical strength, impetuosity ,zeal,  enthusiasm, land, litigation,Treasures,accidents, husband, weapons, bravery etc.

Mercury      –uncle, intelligence, dexterity, wit, humour, trade, education, eloquence etc.

Jupiter         –progeny, sons, daughter, philosophical  wisdom, learning, religious and general Happiness, honours, priest hood, etc.

Venus           –wife/husband, marriage, sexual pleasure, family, bliss, music, other fine arts,   jewels romance, mother during day, etc.

Saturn           –servants, servitude, longevity, sorrows, impediments, poverty , dishonour, livelihood, unpleasant, father during night, et

Rahu           –Paternal grand father, spritual “ganana”, poison, pilgrimage, etc.

Ketu          —Maternal grand father, moksha, leprosy, etc.

  1. Planets in 12th. Bhava Native is fortunate in respect of the above “KARAKA HOUSE”as-Sun in 12th fortunate in respect of  9th  Bhava
  2. Planets in appropriate Bhava is  bad- as Sun in 9th., Jupiter in5th.,  etc.
  3. A benefic planet owing a square house or quadrant is a malefic but, if he is placed in his own house which happens to be a square house, he loses his malefic nature and becomes a powerful benefic.
  4. A natural malefic becomes a benefic, if he owns a quadrant and becomes a very powerful benefic, if he owns a trine house
  5. A planet which owns a benefic, and malefic houses at the same time, becomes neutral
  6. A benefic planet by ownership, occupies a malefic house becomes neutral
  7. A malefic by ownership, if posited in a benific house, becomes neutral and will produce only mild evils.
  8. A benefic by ownership occupying a benefic place and a malefic by ownership occupying a malefic place becomes powerful benefic and malefic respectively.
  9. Planets owing a benefic house along with the ownership of the 6th. 8th. 12th. becomes a neutral , but will do evils to considerable extent during the second half of their Dasa and Bhukti .if they own the 2nd, 3rd. or the 11th. house along with a benefic house , they will do good during their periods.

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