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If Mars is in 2nd.,4rth.,7th.,8th.,and 12th., in the horoscope of the female, the death of husband will occur; similarly in the husband’s horoscope causes the death of wife.

The Lagna represents body, the Moon mind, and venus sexual relations. Therefore the houses have to be reckoned with reference to all the three. Viz., Lagna, Moon., and venus. The dosha (evil) is considered weak when it exists from Lagna, a little stronger from Moon, and still more powerful from venus.

The second house signifies family, the fourth rules happiness(sukha), the seventh house indicates husband/wife, eighth represents longevity, and twelfth represents comforts and pleasure of bed.

  1. If “Kuja Dosha” obtains in the horoscopes of both the bride and bridegroom the dosha gets cancelled
  2. In Aquarius and Leo Mars produces no Dosha whatsoever.
  3. The Dosha is counteracted by the conjunction of Mars and Jupiter or Mars and the Moon.
  4. Mars in 2nd is bad provided such 2nd house is other than Gemini and Virgo;
  5. In the 4rth house Mars causes Dosha provided the house falls in any sign other than Aries and Scorpio;
  6. When the 7th house is other than Capricorn and Cancer, the Dosha gives rise to;
  7. Mars gives bad effects in 8th house, provided the 8th is any other than Saggitarius and Pisces.
  8. In the 12th the Dosha is produced when such house is any other than Taurus and Libra.

It should be noted that the strength of the Dosha in 2, 12, 4, 7, and 8 is in ascending order. In assessing the quantum of Dosha, Bhavas and not the Rashi must be taken in to account. The Dosha of Mars is said to be not absolute

The intensity can vary not only according to the exceptions given about but also according to the sign—friendly, exalted, own, inimical etc.—involved. We can therefore rate the afflictions as follows, taking Mars as the worst malefic, Saturn,Rahu, and Ketu as less malefic and the Sun, least malefic, the maleficence being the highest in debilation and lowest in exaltaion.

8th & 7th                                      4rth.,12th.,and 2nd.

Mars Saturn  Sun             Mars    Saturn  Sun

Rahu                                     Rahu

Ketu                                     Ketu

Debility       100      75              50                          50        37.50          25

Inimical       90        67.50         45                          45        33.75          22.50

Neutral      80        60.00         40                          40        30.00          20.00

Friendly      70        52.50         35                          35        26.25          17.50

Own             60        45.00         30                          30        22.50          15.00

Exaltaion    50        37.50         25                          25        18.75          12..50

  1. If the Dosha exceeds in the Male chart by 25% it is passable. 2. if the Dosha exceeds 25% in Male chart

or   if the Dosha exceeds in the Female chart then the Male can not be matched

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