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SUN: The sun is conceived to be tall person, fiery in nature, with yellow eyes, dark brown, bald head, bilious nature. He is the indicator of father, will power, strength of tissues, emotion, courage, reputation, authority and position. He has domain over the Government and officials, Places ruled by the Sun are Shrines, open places, range of mountains and hills, forests, capital towns, and places of worship. The quarter ruled by him is the East. The parts of the body over which he has control are the head, stomach, bones, heart, arteries, blood circulation, eyes, brain, throat, and spleen. Diseases that are caused by him are blood pressure, high fever, cerebral disorders, eye diseases and affections of throat, ear and nose. Consumption and dysentery are caused by him when is in watery signs afflicted by malefic planets in unfavorable houses. He rules fuel, hides and skins, wool, weapons, silk cloth, pungent flavor, herdsmen, husk grains, gold, fire, poisons, medicines, doctors, kings and statesmen and wheat.

MOON: The MOON is the ruler of the mind and intelligence, mental disposition, heart, mother, beauty, vital energy and saturation of blood. She presides over white color, watery substances, lakes, sea, vegetation, rain, textiles, chemicals (fine chemicals and pharmaceuticals), alcohol, milk, sugar cane, pears, silver, sweet things, rice, barley, wheat, renowned persons, young women and agriculturists. She is phlegmatic and windy and soft in speech. The quarters ruled by her is the North West. Diseases that are caused by her are venereal diseases, catarrh, jaundice, inflation of nose, conception, labour, hysteria, dysentery, dyspepsia, asthma, bronchitis, paralysis, skin diseases etc, The organs of the body ruled by her are the arteries, nerves, brains, fat, stomach, uterus, bladder, breast, ovaries and organ of procreation.

MARS : The MARS is the war lord and commander-in-chief of the celestial army. Reddish in nature, hot and fiery and dressed in red garments, he rules over marrow, biles, strength, brothers, independence, persistence, limbs, urinary system logic, fire, fireplaces, kitchen engine room, boiler, mines ,minerals, and, ores, gold field, coral, night workers,armoury ,army, weapons, lands  and landed  interests, murders,  conspiracy strikes, enemy, wounds, tin, youthful age, organizing  capacity, executive ability, leader ship  over Labourers, police department, and scandals.  He rules the South, Materials governed by him are copper, tobacco,  hemp, and  coral. Diseases  that  are  ruled by him are high fever, cuts, and burns, rupture of veins and arteries, decomposition of marrow , heamorrhage, Abortions, menstrual disorders, gonorrhoea, and muscular rheumatism.

MERCURY: Mercury is the first Prince among the heavenly bodies.He is Earthy in composition, spare and thin, and green in colour. He rules over commerce, churches, School, park, gambling, dens, and North. Products governed by him are green grams Emerald, leads, oilseeds, edible oils, and gingily.Other things ruled by him are machanics Clerks, water reservoirs, poetry, intellect, education, authorship, power, of speech, and eloquence, currency, alloys, maternal uncles, maternal grand father and paternal relatives. Palacial buildings, horses, doctors, and tradesmen . Parts of the body governed by him Are brain, thorax, tongue, nervous system, thyroid glands, skin and neck. Diseases caused by him are dumbness insanity loss of memory, headache, and skin diseases.

JUPITER: Jupiter is the leader of the planetary system. He is the essence of  knowledge And wisdom. He is fat and phlegmatic with a tall and heavy carrier . He rules the North-East, yellow colour, topaz, treasure house, and place where learned men live. Silver is his metal. He has domain over fat, stomach and intestines in the body; wealth, fame, sons, and Grand sons, children, learned men, grand father, intellect, wisdom, education, ministers, adviser, ether, scriptures, benzoin, quick silver, tin, cardamoms, banks, and insurance, companies . The diseases that are caused by him are lever troubles, dropsy, flatulence, Abscess, carbuncles, and degeneration of fat, digestive troubles, leucorrhoea, and mental Disorders.

VENUSVenus is a female planet, watery, windy in composition, with white body and charming appearance .She rules over partner in life , bed room, dance halls, and sexual Happiness .She has domain over vehicles, sugarcane, industry, trade, chemicals, medicines Wool, silk, cotton, luxury articles, passion, pleasure, journeys, maid servants, perfumes, and musical instruments . The parts of the body ruled by her are sexual organs, semen, muscles, thigh, urine, and hair. She causes diseases like venereal complaints, sexual debility, Muscular rheumatism, loss of eye sight and power of smell, spermatorrhoea . The direction Ruled by venus is South –East

SATURN: Saturn is the servant of the celestial family .He has stiff hair, large limbs, dark body, phlegmatic and windy composition. He rules the air, mountains, and hills, forest regions and dirty places .He is the lord of the  West . He has domain over iron, sapphire, cremation grounds and burial places, prisons and elderly people. The commodities presided over by him are black gram, rye, hemp, barley, and astringent oils, Parts of the body ruled by him are bladder, excretory system , teeth, muscles, tendoms, wrist and feet .Diseases caused by Saturn are muscular pains toothache, asthma, tuberculosis, epilepsy, hysteria, pains in the joints and ulcers .

RAHU: Rahu is tall and phlegmatic, dark, in complexion, and dirty .He rules over wicked females , materialists , foreign travels , and intrigues , with low class people . The Parts of the body ruled by Rahu are skin and blood . Diseases caused by him are chlera, small pox, leprosy , epilepsy , blood poisoning , itches , malaria and  plague .He rules the maternal grand father and  is the lord of the South –West .

KETU: Ketu is dark in coplexion , smoky colour , tall , and inhaling smoke . He rules small pox , cholera and other  epidemics , fire , flames , mining . He causes the same Diseases as Rahu .Rules paternal grand mother.

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