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SUN Trouble from Pita, fever with pains, heart, stomach, eyes, skin, bones,   leprosy, apasmara, sudden fall, fear from enemies, gurus, danger from poison, weapons, danger to sun, danger from quadrupeds, trouble from thieves, fear from kings, anger of the family Deity, anger of the Serpent Gods, influence of Bhutas(evil sprits)

MOON Increase of sleep, want of ability in any work, increase of phlegm, consequent troubles such as asthma, inflammation of the lungs , etc. diarrhoea, sores, and boils, shivering fever, wounds caused by horns of animals, trouble from watery animals, dyspepsia, emaciation, sorrow from wife, want of blood in the body, weakness in thinking faculty, poisoning of the blood and consequent diseases , fear from water, trouble from balagrahas, anger of Goddess Durga, anger of family Gods or Deities, anger of serpents etc.

MARS Thirst, pita, blood pressure, fever, diseases caused by heat, fire, poison, and weapons, leprosy, sore eyes, gulma, (a disease in the stomach), apasmara( decline of Majja in the bones) , skin looses its luster, itches all over the body, body gets shriveled, trouble from Kings, Enemies, and Thieves, enmity with brother, sons and relatives, and disease above the neck.

MERCURY Causes madness, inclination to use abusive words often, Diseases in the eyes, throat and the nose, high fever, skin disease, itches, fear from– serpents, poison, falling down ,imprisonment, physical exertion, bad dreams, to use cruel expressions, evil influences such as Pakhi Peeda, etc. dull pallor.

JUPITER Disease like Gulma, fever, sorrow, fainting, ear, diabetes, lever troubles, dropsy, flatulence, abscess, carbuncles, degeneration of fat, digestive troubles, leucorrhea, mental disorders

VENUS Disease in the eyes, laziness, great exertion for the body and consequent weakness, disease in the private organs, urinary organs, in the faces, flow of seminal fluid,(spermatorrhoea), fading away of the luster in the body, swelling of the body, Pandu(a sort of leucoderma), danger caused by extreme averse for money or girl, loss of cloths and dress, death of wife, loss in cultivation, fear from certain evil sprits, death of near relations.

SATURN Caused by vata and kapha , in the leg, unforeseen dangers, laziness, weakness, over –exertion, madness, pains, or aches in the stomach, loss of servants, quadrupeds, some accident to one of the limb, in the body, blindness, deafness, mental worry, wounds caused by the fall of tree or stones over the body, trouble from evil sprits pisachas etc.

RAHU Extreme heat in body, leprosy, visham vyadhi( many diseases coming together ) , poison given another, diseases in the feet, trouble from pisacha  fear from serpents, danger from wife, and children, quarrel with Kshatriya and Brahmins, trouble from enemies, and pretas(Ghosts)


All the troubles caused by Rahu and Ketu,  and besides it brings in anger of all fear from poison, mad dog also, consequent pollution and fear, death of near relations

There are also another class of disease caused by invisible agencies, such as Sprits, curses of Great men, and Mantric incantations of enemies.

The above disease have to be ascertained by an examination of the 6th house, or its lord, the planets aspecting the lord and 6th house, the planets occupying the 6th house, If 6th and 8th lords are in conjuction or aspect each other then say that the disease is strong and deep rooted.

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