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  1. In 3rd. Or 5th. Year when jupiter and venus are free from combustion and when the sun is in the tropic of cancer.
  2. The bright fortnight is supposed to give longivity, while the darkaffects healht
  3. Good l.d-2nd.,3rd.,5th.,7th.,10th.,11th.,and 13th. Are good
  4. The new moon & full moon days should be rejected
  5. Favourable nakshatra- punarvasu, mrigasira, dhanishta, sravna, revati, pushya, chitta, aswini, hasta
    Ordinary     swati, rohani, satbhisha, uttra
    Bhadra, u. Ashadha
  6. Always be done in the forenoon
  7. DAYS: monday, wednesday, thursday, and friday
  8. Lagna: cancer, virgo, gemini, pisces, libra, taurus, capricorn
    aquarius-should be rejected at any  cost, no matter how  powerfull it might be.
  9. benific             should occupy-4th.,5th.,7th.,9th.,10th.
    malefics                   in-3rd.,6th.,11th.
    8th house       unoccupied
    7th house               should not occupied by-sun, or                                                   mars or any malefic

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