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The Sign where MOON  is  posited  at birth  is  called  the  RADICAL  SIGN  OF  MOON , which  is  also  known  as  Chandra  Lagana..There is  another  expression  in  vouge  in  describing the  chandra  Lagana – that is  RASHI.

The  difference  between  the  usages  should  be  clearly  understood  so  that  confusion  does  not  arise  while  making  reference.

Reference  to  transit  of  planets  are  always  made  from  the  Radical  Moon.

Houses are counted from radical Moon in the same manner  as  from  lagana.

Transit  result  of  SUN

Transits the  3rd., 6th., 10th., and 11th. houses reckoned from  Radical  Moon produces benefic results. In other houses he will be  malefic.


Transits  the  1st., 3rd., 6th., 7th., 10th., and 11th.,houses from her  Radical  position shall produce  benefic  results, in other places she shall be malefic.


Transits  in  the 3rd.,6th.,11th., houses from  Radical Moon produces good effects  while in other houses he causes evils.


Transits from the position of Radical Moon produces good  results in 2nd.,4rth., 6th.,8th.,10th.,and 11th.,houses and in other houses he will produce  malefic results.


During his transit in the 2nd.,5th.,7th.,9th.,and 11th  houses  from Radical  Moon  produces very  good  results. In  other houses he is malefic


When she transits the 1st., 2nd., 3rd., 4rth., 5th., 8th., 9th., 11th. and 12th houses from Radical Moon  produces  good  results  and in  other  houses produces evil effects


During his transit  from  Radical  Moon  in  the  3rd., 6th., and 11th., houses produces  good  results  in  other  places  he  shall produces  malefic effects. The  transit  of  SATURN in  the  12th, 1st., and the  2nd  houses  from  MOON goes  under  the  name  of  “SADE  SATI” (7 and half years of Saturn’s sojourn) . The period is notorious for the evils that shall be produced in many cases. In the life of a person, the cycle may occur once, twice, or thrice according as the native is short lived, medium or long lived. In the first cycle—the evil effects shall be effectively felt by the parents and near relatives in the family. In the second cycle,– the evils shall be concentrated on the domestic and professional fields of the person. During the third cycle – it effects one’s children, health, and may even cause death.

Saturn’s sojourn in the 8th from Radical Moon goes under the name “ASHTAMASANI”. This transit also shall be very bad and even cause death and all kinds of miseries and worries. During Saturn’s transit of evil houses like, 12th , 1st, 2nd, and 8th from Moon, if the Dasa,and Bhukti that are progressing also happen to be bad , the evils shall be at their maximum . It also happens sometimes that in spite of Saturn being a benefic for the native, during his Dasa and Bhukti  when he transit the 8th house, very bad results are produced. The above evils transits taking place together with the progress of the Dasa and Bhukti of Rahu or Ketu, Sun, or Mars shall produce maximum miseries unless there be of increased number of benefic Dots in the Ashtavarga of Saturn in that Sign.



During the course of their transits in various houses reckoned from Radical Moon, Rahu will produce results similar to Saturn. But in the 10th house rahu will give great gains. Ketu in various houses will produce results similar to Mars.

The above results given for various transits should on no account be applied direct to nativities. Horoscopic indications also should be studied and effects should be modified in each case.

  1. A planet while transiting  a favourable house identical with its exaltation, own, or friendly sign will produce very good, good or ordinary results; while in inimical or depression sign it will produce no good result at all.
  2. Planets while transiting unfavourable house identical with their exaltation, own, or friendly sign will produce only very mild, mild, and ordinary bad results while in their inimical and depression signs, they will produce maximum miseries.
  3. If the transiting planet be benefic to the horoscope,(considering from Radical moon) in the favourable houses it will produce good results and in unfavourable houses reduce intensity of evils.
  4. If the planet be malefic to the native , the good effects will be feeble while transiting favourable houses; and the evils will be maximum while moving in unfavourable houses
  5. During the transit, if the planet receives benefic aspects or association, good results will be increased and bad results will be reduced; whereas, if the aspect or association be malefic, good results will be minimum and bad results will be maximum.
  6. While transiting neutral signs, planets produce only feeble results if the transit be good and if it be evil, the bad effects will be felt to some extent.
  7. A natural benefic while transiting a favourable house, if retrogrades, will intensify the good results. If the transiting house be malefic, the evil results of transit will be reduced to minimum.
  8. A natural malefic while transiting a favourable house, if it gets in to retrograde motion there, will neutralize the benefic results of transit, whereas in an unfavourable house under tetrograde motion the malefic results will be accelerated.
  9. A benefic planet while operating its Dasa and Bhukti produces good results during its transit in favourable houses, to the full extent, whereas in evil houses the evils of transit as well as the benefic nature of Dasa and Bhukti will be reduced
  10. If a malefic planet while operating its Dasa or Bhukti transits through a benefic house, it will reduce the benefic effects of transit. If it transits through an unfavourable house, the evils of transit will be reduced.
  11. planets when they transit through the signs where they more than 4 benefic Dots in their Ashtavarga Table or more than 30 Dots in the Sarvashtavarga Table produce good results despite their transiting through evil position from Radical moon.
  12. Planets, when they transit through signs where they have less than 4 benefic Dots in their Ashtavarga or less than 30 Dots in Sarvashtavarga will produce evil results in spite of their transiting through benefic places from Moon. If the transiting places also be malefic, than the evils will be maximum.
  13. Planets, when transiting through favourable places from Moon, if eclipsed or obstructed by Sun’s rays, they become incapable of producing good results, whereas, if they be eclipsed or obstructed by the Sun’s rays while in unfavourable places from Moon, the evils will be maximum.
  14. If a planet while transiting a favourable place from Moon be hemmed in between two malefics, the good results of transit will not be felt, whereas, when transiting unfavourable places under malefic fortification, the evils will be felt to the greatest extent.
  15. If a planet while transiting a favourable place be hemmed in between two benefic planets, the good results of transit will be maximum. If the transit be through unfavourable place and the planet be fortified by benefics, the evil results of transit will not be realized.
  16. If there be a benefic planet in the 4rth, 8th, 5th, or 9th, house reckoned from a planet who is transiting through a benefic place, the good result will be reaped to the full extent, whereas if thetransiting place be unfavourable under similar conditions, the evils of transit will not be felt.
  17. If there be malefic planets in the 4th, 5th, 8th, 9th, house reckoned from a transiting planet who is favourable, the good effects of transit will be neutralized. Whereas, if the transit be malefic under similar conditions, the evils will be accelerated.
  18. When a planet transits through a sign (whether favourable or unfavourable) if ther be another planet moving at the vedha point the effects of transit will be checked and will not be felt.

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