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60 Tatparas    = 1 Paratpara                   60 Seconds     = 1 Minute

60 Paratparas = 1 Para                           60 Minutes     = 1 Degree

60 Paras         = 1 Second                      30 Degrees     = 1 Rashi

a) The velocity of the planets are rough. They do not maintain uniform rate of velocity for various causes. For practical and thumb rule we may assume that:

SUN             moves approximately 10 per day and in 30 days it completes one Rashi (Signs) and to complete one revolution it takes 360 days (or 365 days i.e. one year).

MOON      takes 27 days and 7 hours approximately to complete one revolution i.e. 3600 or 12 Rashis.

MARS       takes 18 months approximately to complete one revolution.

MERCURY       often takes 27 days approximately to pass one Rashi.

JUPITER               requires approximately 12 months to complete one revolution i.e. 3600 (12 Rashis)

VENUS             has approximately same velocity as that of Sun’s.

SATURN           takes approximately 30 months to move a Sign i.e. 30 years to cover one revolution.

RAHU / KETU require 18 years to complete one revolution.

b) Retrogression and Acceleration:

  • When the distance of any one planet from the Sun exceeds a particular limit, it becomes retrograde.
  • Rahu and Ketu are always in retrograde motion.
  • Besides sun and moon all the planets are subject to retrogression and acceleration.

c) When the planet goes from Perihelion (the part of the planet’s orbit nearest to the Sun) to Aphelion (the part of the a planet’s orbit most distant from the Sun) as it recedes from the Sun it gradually loses the power of the Sun’s gravitation and consequently to gain it, it retrogrades and when the planet comes from Aphelion to Perihelion nearer and nearer to the Sun, the gravitation of the sun grows more and more powerful, so that the velocity of the planet is accelerated.

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