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Most important house to determine Occupation or Profession. Generally speaking:-

Jupiter and Mercury refer         to              Intellectual Avocations,

Venus                                     to              Aesthetic Professions,

Sun, Moon, Mars                       to              Economic Occupations,

Mercury                                 to              Traders,

Saturn                                    to              Hard working job,

Rahu & Ketu                           to              Routine workers

If the Lord of the Navamsa occupied by the 10th lord is :-

The Sun                              Medicine, Wool, Grass, Grain, Gold, Diplomacy,                                      and Mediation and Arbitrations

The Moon                      Ships, Pearls, Sea-products, Agriculture, Horticulture,                                         humour, (Cartoonist)Women, and Clothes.

The Mars                       Metals, minerals, Buildings, Occupations involving fire, Thieving, Feats of valour, Military occupations, Butchering , Driving, Chemist-shops and Doctring.

The Mercury                  Mathematicians, Poet, Artist, Sculptor , Writer, Journalist, Astrologers, priest Services can be engaged and similar callings

The Jupiter                    Judge, Teacher, Counsellor, Lawyer, Bankers, Ministers, Preachers,  etc.

The Venus                     As a dealer in Gold, Precious stones, Cattle, apprel, and Textiles, Beautician, Perfumes, Elephants, horses, Cars,and other conveyances, Hoteliering, and Through Show-business such as Cinema, Dancing, dramas and the like.

The Saturn                     Craft, tilling, Factory, and Mill-workers, Labour of every kinds, Jailer, wardens, Shoe-maker, Miners, Practitioner of Wichcraft,

The Nature of the Sign the Xth falls:-

Fiery                             Engineering, Steel & Iron industries, Combustion engines, Locomotives,

Airy                              Intellectual professions, Philosophers, Writers, Thinkers, Scientist and Researchers

Earthy                           Administration, Economics, Construction of Buildings, Mining, Agriculture, Estate agencies

Watery                          Liquid-chemistry, Biology, Dairy-farming, Breweries, Bottled drinks,  Laundries, Shipping and Water technology

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