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This is the Planetary Position of 01 March 2018 at Delhi (Sun Rise)

Sun, Mer, Ven   Rahu
Ketu Moon
Saturn Jupiter, Mars    

On 3rd. March Venus will move to Meen (Pisces), On 4th…March Mercury will enter in Meen, On 15th. March Sun will be in Meen.

 Rashi Phal for the Month of March 2018

Before you go through your Rashi Phal, We must advice

  • Not applicable to Sun sign because All born between 21 March to 20 April are Aries, this is not true.
  • Based on Transit of Planets Through Natal Moon.
  • This is a General prediction, for accuracy, this should be calculated with Dots of “Ashtakvergas” in individual Horoscope scientifically prepared.


  • This is only possible if you provide your details
  • If you are interested to know about the Planetary effect on transiting through your Rashi, please contact Dr Anuradha Rai.


  A  (ARIES)

From the beginning of the month Merc & Ven in Meen, on 15 Sun joined in Meen. This month is going to be quite a roller coaster ride for you. While you may have an intuition of doing a particular thing, but you might end up doing something else. Your moods are also going to be quite fluctuating. The first half of the month, you will find yourself being quite spiritual while in the second half, you will see your moods moving towards sensuality. Health and finance aspects seem to be quite good. But, your love life may be a little in trouble this month. Problem due to Nervous system, legal matter, dispute with near and dear


B (Taurus)

This month, you will see yourself entirely focused on career and growth. Your planets are also going to be quite in favour of your ambitions, and you may see yourself progressing towards it. Your love relationship is going to be a boom as well. In fact, your partner will be by your side, supporting you in financial aspects. Your health and finance status is going to be quite good when compared to the previous two months of the year. You will be able to control your emotions and this is going to result in quite a lot of gains for you.


C (Gemini)

As Mercury & Venus Both Positive Planets in the Favourable transiting. In this month, you will lay your complete focus on your career. Your planet, Mercury will also be in full favour of this, and all the efforts that you put in your professional life will get you the desired results. When it comes to love and marriage relationships, the first 20 days of this month will be quite problematic, but after the 21st, your love relationships will blossom. Your financial terms are going to be governed by the moon, and your health is going to be in all right conditions this month.


D (Cancer)

From the beginning of the month, Venus transiting in a favourable sign, with Sun after 15th.   Most of the planets are going to rest in the northern territory of this Rashi in the month of March 2018. This indicates that while career and financial aspects are going to be stable this month, love relationships may face quite a turmoil. You are going to be awarded all the financial returns that you have been waiting for. But unwanted Mental tension, Travelling, Expenditure on younger, You may have few additional sleepless night too.


E (Leo)

Mercury & Venus from the first week of the month and Sun after 15th. Will affect your Mental/ Physical/ Financial condition. Your social relation is going to help you in your profession, and this will help you to strengthen both the relationships. Love relationships are going to be exceptional, and you will have no trouble with your partner. Your health and finance are going to be stable in March 2018 if you control your language, and behaviour, try to be cool. 


F (Virgo)

Your both Planets Mercury & Venus transiting through Favourable sign. Only after 15th. Of this month, as Sun will be in Pisces, you may face few health problems, and that is why you must be extra careful with it. Your social life, along with your love relationships is going to be on high swing this month. You may see new friends entering your life, and your marriage and relationship are going to be quite cordial. Career and business-wise, it is going to be a good month. 


G (Libra)

In this month, you will find yourself getting very emotionally attached to your family. This may help you to bond better with your siblings and parents. The Sun and planet Mars is going to have a tremendously positive influence on your love life, and your partner is going to be very supportive. Health is going to be normal if you take special care of your health, especially digestive system. Your financial aspects are going to see a lot of positive results, but only in the second half of the month. Career may be satisfactory.


H (Scorpio)

Friends for career advancements. If you have been investing in third-party sources, this is the month, where you might see the gains flowing in positively. If you have been single till now, this is the In this month; you will find yourself depending a lot on your family and a social month where your love relationship may just begin. Health is going to be good. You may feel unhappiness with family life. You should not be aggressive, try to be cool.


I (Sagittarius)

For the people who belong to this Rashi, you are going to be very motivated and excited when it comes to professional life; it is going to be quite exciting for you. With the presence of Mercury in your house, your love and marriage relationships are going to be extremely happy and pleasant. In fact, if you are married, there are chances for some good news. Regarding finance, it is a great month for growth. Some urinary problem may cause to be worried, dispute with near and dear is possible. 


J Capricorn)

For this Rashi, this month is going to be extremely good. You will find some peace time with yourself where you will see yourself relaxing without any stress of work and personal life. Your love life is going to be stable and everything is going to be as planned. All thanks for your creativity, you may earn some extra incomes and thus, finances are going to be a boom this month. 


K Aquarius)

This month, your job may be a little more challenging than the normal, usual days. With this happening, you will find yourself juggling through a lot of emotions which will make you test lot of these emotional strengths. You will see yourself being good at financial management, which will boom your income and finance for the month. Your love relationship may be a little wavy at the start of the month, but eventually, it is going to get stable.


L (Pisces)

You are going to feel very spiritual in this month, and this is because of the presence of planets in the house. You will see yourself very happy at your job. Your love life is going to be very healthy, and you are going to be satisfied in the relationships you have. Your health will be good, but you can make it even better with regular exercise and diet, after 15th. Of this month care should be taken regarding Health/ Relationship/ Injury etc.


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