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Nadi astrology is a predictive Hindu system of astrology which follows an entirely different and precise prediction method compared to the traditional Hindu Astrology Parshari Astrology and Jamini Astrology.

It is an utmost precise prediction method covering various aspects of one’s life majorly related to Education, Career, Finance, Personal Relationships, Health and Relocation decisions.

The system’s precise predictions are essentially based on three aspects of ones Birth Chart namely Sign, Nakshatra and Sub Lord and prediction calculations are merely based on a combination of the Birth Chart Houses and can be calculated with the provision of the date of birth only.

Carrying enormous expertise in Vedic Astrology, Dr Anuradha Rai has also obtained a distinction in Nadi Astrology and with a combination of these services she remains at the forefront in the Astrological World of services.

JTR Astrological Research Institute - Nadi Astrology

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