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  1. The lord of the sign occupied by the 7th lord in navmansa capable of giving marriage in their dasa
  2. Venus, karaka for the 7th house and moon can also give marriage in his period
  3. The strongest of these lords give marriage in his dasa.
  4. The lord of 7th house. If associates with venus gives marriage in his dasa, or bhukti.
  5. The 2nd lord or the ruler of the sign occupied by the ind lord in navmansa is also capable of conferring marriage in his dasa.
  6. The lords of 9th & 10th houses are also empowered to give marriage in their dasa if the earlier dasa are fruitless.
  7. Marriage are also possible in the period of the planets with 7th lord or the planets occupying the 7th. House.


  1. Add the longitude of the lords of the lagna & 7th house, when jupiter transits the resultant rasi or its trines, it is favourable for marriage
  2. The resultant obtained by adding the moon’s longitude to that of the 7h. Lord or its
  3. Trines when transited by jupiter can also give marriage

(III) consideration for delay

  1. Saturn’s aspect on the 7’h. House or the lord of the7th. House both from lagna & moon or venus.
  2. If dasa lord is not strong- the aspects or association of the 6th. 7th 8th lord on the 7th house or the lord of the 7th house and karaka for marriage also rules out early marriage
  3. Primary importance must be given to the natal position and dasas and only secondary consideration to transiting planets

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