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World Renowned Vedic & Nadi Astrologer, Numerologist, Vastu Consultant and Spiritual Reiki Healer, available for consultation across UAE, US, Canada, UK, Australia & New Zealand


Dr Anuradha Rai is a consulting and teaching astrologer with more than 17 years of professional experience counselling clients from all walks of life. A gifted advisor, speaker and writer, she is an intuitive astrologer who has been certified by the Dr K. N. Rao Institute as a Vedic Astrologer, Numerologist, Vastu Consultant and Spiritual Reiki Healer.

She has recently also received a distinction in Nadi Astrology and is now a certified Nadi Astrology practitioner.

Consultations can be done on phone across UAE, US, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand and more countries.

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Dr. Anuradha is a phenomenal and exceptionally brilliant Vedic astrologer. She is a genius when it comes to dealing with the occult sciences. Her grasp and comprehension of the esoteric sciences are out of this world. Dr. Anuradha is easily able to decipher the most complex issues in a person’s life just by looking at their birth details and she is able to give remarkable advice as well. Dr. Anuradha gives detailed explanations during her consultation and explains the person’s birth chart extraordinarily well. Dr. Anuradha has an unprecedented insight into Vedic Astrology. Dr. Anuradha is truly one of a kind and I would definitely recommend her to anyone who seeks Vedic astrological advice.


Meeting Dr. Anuradha Rai has truly helped me get a deeper understanding of why certain events happened in my life. This has helped me be better prepared for my present life as well as hopeful for the future.

Rajdeep Singh

Anu ji has been an angel in my life. Since I’ve met her (several times) I’ve gotten more confident in my relationships and am more secure and happy. Her guidance has been a blessing in my life.

Shraddha Rani

Dubai, UAE

I’m grateful to have met Dr. Anuradha in my life. The insight she has given me in the affairs of my life have been groundbreaking. She’s recommended healing techniques that have truly helped me be spiritually calm and have strengthen my mind and heart to look forward to a beautiful future.

Vivek Rajput

Sharjah, UAE
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Sound healing therapy

Sound healing therapy

Since everything has a vibrational frequency, including ourselves, it makes sense that sound frequencies affect how we feel. This is why particular songs and types of music often evoke specific types of emotions in us. Sound healing, which is an ancient healing technique that uses tonal frequencies to bring the body into a state of balance and vibrational harmony, also…

The 12 Rashis in April 2018

The 12 Rashis in April 2018

SUN will transit Aries On 14-4-2018 VENUS will transitTaurus On 20-4-2018 Aries Rashifal April 2018 In the beginning of the month, health may become a little confusing, blood pressure and fever can be complicated, vein related problem. So keep an eye on anger. . Business will increase in the economic situation will increase. Assistance from the official class. Honour will…

This is the Planetary Position of 01 March 2018 at Delhi (Sun Rise)

This is the Planetary Position of 01 March 2018 at Delhi (Sun Rise)

This is the Planetary Position of 01 March 2018 at Delhi (Sun Rise)         Sun, Mer, Ven   Rahu Ketu Moon Saturn Jupiter, Mars     On 3rd. March Venus will move to Meen (Pisces), On 4th…March Mercury will enter in Meen, On 15th. March Sun will be in Meen.  Rashi Phal for the Month of March…

Sade Sati

Sade Sati

The Sign where MOON is posited at birth is called the RADICAL SIGN OF MOON , which is also known as Chandra Lagana.. There is another expression in vouge in describing the Chandra Lagana — that is RASHI. The transit of SATURN in the 12th, 1st, and the 2nd houses from MOON goes under the name of “SADE SATI” (7…

Kalsarp Dosh

Kalsarp Dosh

Are you born under “kal-sarp” dosh  ? ? ? In the light of sarvamangal research findings the best piece of advice that can be given to the young this is not a kind of dosh for which remedies are required. There are a number of example of so called  “ kal sarp” born are on top ranks what ever the…

Xth Lord

Xth Lord

In the Lagna:- native rises in life continue, self-employed or independent profession, if the lagnesh and 10th. Lord combines , native becomes very famous,and engaged himself in social works. In the 2nd. House:-fortunate native, rises well in life,makes a lot of money. He may engage himself in the family trade and develop it. If malefics afflict the 10th. House suffers…

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