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The 12 Rashis

Learn about the characteristics of the 12 signs


    Mental Tendencies:

    Independent thinking, courageous, and sensitive.

    Physical tendencies:

    Middle stature, ruddy complexion, sharp sight, long face, head broad at the temples and narrow at chin, brown or light and curly hairs, mark or scar on head or temples, teeth well set and round eyes

    General Tendencies:

    Those born in Aries (Mesha rashi) are lover of scientific thought. They are enterprising and ambitious. They have ability to plan . They dislike being guided by others. are intense when interested, vehement when excited. They are rather stubborn, but often frank. Quick tempered, they resent imposition and are liable to go to extremes. Their constitution will be hot; they love beauty, art, and elegance. They have practical ideas. If Aries is afflicted they suffer from diseases pertaining to the head. Mental affliction and derangement are also likely if Saturn and Moon are in Aries.

    Aries being the sign of Mars the Rashi makes the native enthusiastic in love. He/she takes no times in expression of love. They want ever lasting affection. They are practical ever in taking steps to obtain their beloved. They are, however emotional and sentimental.

    Arian ladies are quite witty and like their counterpart Arian, are of an independent nature. Jealousy is perhaps one of their inalienable rights. They cannot listen to the praise of any other lady by their husbands. They love their homes.

    Common trait for both male and female natives is that they are over optimistic. They go to the extremes in their affairs. Where the sign is afflicted the enthusiasm gives way to fanaticism and boldness becomes their fool – hardiness. They become quarrelsome and headstrong difficult to manage and control.

    The main draw back is hasty decision, not heeding to advice of others, lack of patience and perseverance, and lack of the spirit of mutual adjustments .The proper advice to such persons is that they should cultivate the habits of discussion and be amenable to advice of well wishers. The result shall come only in due course. Instead of making enemies of their friends they should try to make them friends.


    Mental Tendencies:
    Obstinate, proud, and ambitious, easily accessible to adulation but affectionate and loving, sometimes unreasonable, prejudiced and stubborn.

    Physical tendencies:
    The stature of the person born in this sign will be short and often tending towards corpulence, lips thick, and complexion swarthy, square build of the body. Face beautiful, eyes and ears, large, full forehead, hands plump and broad.

    General Tendencies:
    If they are not listened to attentively, people born in this sign will act like a bull. They have their own principles and ways and piercing intellect. They are self – reliant. They have great deal of endurance, latent power and energy. They always put their ideas in to practice. Their physical powers and mental endurance are indeed noteworthy. They possess a magnetic personality. They think they are for exercising authority. They generally suffer from nervous complaints after the fiftieth year. With regards to children much happiness is not indicated.

    Taurus is classified as a fixed sign. The natives are therefore strong willed, determined and dogmatic. Being governed by venus they are always found to be sweet, smiling, and charming. Being the second sign of zodiac the persons are fond of eating and delicacies are their choice. They are sweet tongued, lazy, and slow to accomplish but very good long term planners. They are good at negotiations but cannot salvage the complicated problem. They can stand a lot of provocation but once provoked it is difficult to calm them down

    In love and romance they are slow to act. They take quite a long time to decide about their partners. They are generally not impulsive in such matters but once they decide they will do anything to achieve him or her. They are very faithful in their love.
    They prove to be loving wives or devoted husbands, reliable and generous. They wish to have a harmonious and happy wedded life.

    Male natives are adoring husbands and females the best mother as well as partners, given to decorate their homes and surroundings. They have a good taste for art. As parents they prove helpful to their children. For their good nature they get their children equal measure of love.

    It is an earthy, fixed sign ruled by venus. The native becomes rigid in his decision and takes extreme steps when provoked beyond a limit. General tendency of being lazy is another shortcoming of the native. The positive advice to such persons can be to shake up their lethargy and develop the habit of hard work. Forgive and forget those who have wronged you. Their slow and steady attack harms their own interests. On one hand they divide the attention and on the other bring round more enemies. It is their asset that they are not easily provoked. The asset may be utilized to draw maxim benefits for native.


    Mental Tendencies:
    They will have a wavering mind. Fond of writing and reading they are ingenious and quick-witted, vivacious and inconsistent, nervous and restless.

    Physical tendencies:
    They are tall and straight in stature and active in motion. Face well developed, there is a depression near the chin, a thin face, sanguine complexion, unusual height if malefics are there, the eyes are clear and the nose snub. They are weak but active.

    General Tendencies:
    They are very active and tend to become experts in mechanical sciences. They may suffers sudden nervous breakdowns . They must be cautious in moving with opposite sex. Their mind will be clever and possess inherent conversational and literary ability. They are liable to fraud and deception. If evil planets are in Gemini, trickery, and deceit will characterize their nature. They are best in occupations where there is much activity.

    Gemini is a dual sign. The native is fickle minded person. He takes time to decide about things . Even in the selection of partner he or she thinks it is better to wait, watch and see. Who knows, the future may offer some better partner . Natives make friends easily and find many faults in their friends equally easily.

    Amongst the males change and variety is a watch word. This makes them flirts and they want a partner who does not take their actions seriously. They do not like a nagging wife. They can easily forsake her if she is proving overbearing. Being an airy sign the Gemenians often live in their minds. Present is the best for them. Even in their romance they can give up if the same proves to be burdensome and expensive. They are good managers because they can take care of their necessities.

    Amongst the females, Gemenians are generally intelligent. Their appeal is generally intelligence. They want mental companions. If engaged in out sides activities before marriage they seldom like to give them up. When once they give up those activities they devoted themselves whole heartedly to their household duties. They are then very serious in their work. Having an inclination of at least appreciation of art they to make their houses charming.

    The Gemenians do not prove to be good parents. They are not paternal or maternal. Their treatment of children leaves much to be desired for. The children also do not like if they are forced to do a thing.

    The Gemenians have good understanding with those who are born in Llibra or Aquarius. Being intelligent they take up the opposite side first for the fun of it and good at satires. This is their great weakness which keeps them restless. Even their best friends turn their enemies and tension starts mounting in their domestic affairs.

    It is an airy and dual sign ruled by Mercury the planet of intelligence. The native undertakes one project, start with it and suddenly loses interest in it when it is only half way . It falls down. The project which is taken in hand should be carried to its completion with equal interest. The intelligence of the native makes him find out the short cut to every process. The result is obvious. Many persons can not do that. Nervous breakdown may not often be there but it certainly leaves the health affected and even shattered some times. Lastly they should learn to take decisions earlier than they do lest they miss the bus. At the same time there should be no anxiety to know the results instantly. They will automatically come out at proper time and shall be encouraging


    Mental Tendencies:
    People born in this sign will be extremely sensitive, nervous and restless, interested in music and dexterous.

    Physical tendencies:
    They have a middle sized body, face full, slightly snub nose, fair complexion, long arms, long face and wide chest.

    General Tendencies:
    They are very intelligent, bright and extremely frugal and equally industrious. Their frugality often takes the form of miserliness. The mind is intuitional, perceptive. They like pleasure. They are deeply attached to their family and children. They often meet with disappointment in love affairs. They are very talkative, self-reliant, honest and unbending. They will have a reputation for love of justice and fairplay. Their emotions are strong. They have psychic tendencies, are receptive to new ideas and adapt themselves to environment. They are desirous of possessions and cautious. They can best take up occupations of a fluctuating nature.

    The native are governed by Moon. They are known for their changeability. They are moody but in love matters they are sincere, loyal and steadfast. They can easily absorb other person’s ideas. They are fickle minded and little away from factual life. This makes them difficult persons to deal with. They often talk idealism and generally dissatisfied with their surroundings. They are happy to save small amounts each in many attempts but not a sizeable amount in one attempt. They are devoted to home life and are busy in its decoration. Kitchen garden also attract their fancy. They have tenacious memories of the good old days with the result that they remember the dates of even minor events of life time. For Cancerians life is not worth living without a romance.

    Male Cancerians are adjusting and accommodating. They try to keep their wives happy and cheerful. They do not like divorces even under greatest provocations
    They want to maintain family life despite all its odds and misfortunes. In order to keep their wives happy they sometimes interfere in her domestic chores with a view to help her but that spoils the atmosphere and good intentions are spoiled. The greatest draw back or weakness of cancerians is that they cannot impress upon their love and good intentions or loyalty etc.

    Female Cancerians are genuine and sincere to their husbands. They are quite satisfied if their husbands offer them even minor things or presents. They are affectionate and adjustable. For them love is sex. They will therefore dress themselves nicely and want their husbands also to be so. They pleasure seekers. They know the worth of money. When they are not satisfied they retaliate and will not allow any sexual satisfaction to their husbands. This is particularly so when they feel that they are being used for the satisfaction of animal instincts. They are good mothers; rather better than they are wives.

    It is a watery and movable sign ruled by Moon. Sentimentalism and emotions may be good to some extent but they never deliver the goods. Good memory is also not a good asset. Sentimentalism offends the native too easily and his good memory constantly remands him of the offence and offending persons. Such person cannot rest in peace. Cancerians are worried about their future. This makes them a little too cautious in their dealings. also be taken to see that they do not become the hurdles. Such persons are likely to miss the opportunities. Man is a social animal. He has to go with society. Remembering the offences etc. shall keep people away. A little divine virtue of forgives and forgets is necessary for success. Worry about the future and therefore the caution is always good but caution should


    Mental Tendencies:
    People born in Leo are ambitious as well as avaricious, warm hearted, and have a liking for art, literature and music. They are cheerful and unimpulsive.

    Physical tendencies:
    Persons born in this sign will be magnetic in appearance with broad shoulders, bilious constitution, of average height, oval faced, thoughtful countenance and the upper part of the body is generally better formed.

    General Tendencies:
    They can adapt themselves to any condition in life. They have faith. In affection they are sincere. They stick to orthodox principles in religion but are perfectly tolerant. Generally good tempered, they are sensitive. They are lovers of music, literature and possess a certain amount of philosophical knowledge. They are voracious readers. In life they do not succeed as much they would like to and often throughout they struggle very much. Their ambitions remain unfulfilled to a great extent. They lack a natural policy and hence get in to many difficulties. They are forgiving and do not hold a grudge long. They are likely to suffer from nervous troubles and are generally misunderstood by their superiors bosses.

    Sun rules the Leonians. The natives are kind hearted and magnanimous. At home and in family they want every body to show them respect and gratitude. They are not concerned with economy. They want their houses to be trim and tidy and well decorated. Their dress should also be very good. They are irritated on minor things and the life becomes a hell. They want absolute peace, harmony and submissiveness.

    Male Leonians are romantic but do not want any demonstration of it in public. They are easily carried away by love and emotions. They have enough magnetic power to attract the persons of opposite sex… But with all that he is not spoilt. Wives of Leonians should not feel jealous of the ladies surrounding their husbands because they will not allow any body to show any disregard to their wives. The Leonians males are used to invite friends and entertain them. Their wives should try to share their happiness in such things and should have no misunderstandings. The Leonians are sexually demanding. They are also gracious.

    Female Leonians are ambitious. They are good social workers. The main difficulty with Leonian ladies is that they often have fixed ideas and want that all the other persons should fall in love with them. They generally fail to appreciate the good qualities of their husbands with the result that there is tension and even ill will some times. Leonians generally are not credited for the help rendered by them even at the cost of their own personal interests and discomforts. They should be within their own limits and also be admirer of their husbands. By this little courtesy the peace and harmony at home will grow.

    Leonians are very good parents. They love their children and are quite proud of them. Main weakness however lies in their dictatorial attitude which makes the children nervous and restless. They become rebellious and dislike authority over them.

    This is a fiery and fixed sign ruled by Sun the king of the planets. The native, like a king, is over ambitious. This is bad trait particularly when the native tries deliberately to make his presence felt. The persons who satisfy the ego get favors even at the cost of others who are more competent in every way. They are over liberal when they come to help some body. This often brings them to want. People do not like such persons because they look arrogant, haughty and having large size ego. The advice to them may be to cultivate modesty, which will go a long way to help them. In helping others they should be conscious of their own limits. They should not go beyond limits. They consider those persons ungrateful who do not express their gratitude. They should also never forget to say thanks to him who favors them.


    Mental Tendencies:
    Those born in virgo are impulsive, emotional and fond of learning. They love music and fine arts. They lack self-confidence. Methodical and ingenious, they have active minds.

    Physical tendencies:
    Persons born in this sign will be middle – sized. Their chest will be prominent and when afflicted, weak also. They have a straight nose, cheeks massive and forehead, well.

    General Tendencies:
    They exhibit their intelligence when quite young. They discriminating and emotional and get easily carried away by impulse. They are cautious regarding their own interests, prudent, economical, diplomatic and shrewd. As authors they make progress in physical and chemical sciences. They acquire much power and influence over others. They are liable to suffer from nervous breakdowns and paralysis when the sign is afflicted. They are of a speculative nature.

    The natives are thorough and methodical. Every thing in the house has its place, it should be kept there only and nowhere else. They love intelligence more than anything else and are prepared to help only the intelligent persons or make friends with him. For any help they extend they want the beneficiary to acknowledge the same with a feeling of gratitude more than once. They are not carried away by emotions and sentiments and they have no sympathies and kindness to those who do not fit in. The Virgoans have their own ideas and for this reason they are often late to decide and select their partners. They are also in the habit of finding faults. This makes life difficult.

    For a Male Virgoans the married life is just like a partner ship affairs. Mutual give and take is the rule even for their married partner. They are mentally suited for research work but once they marry they make all provisions for their wives. Being governed by Mercury they are nervous and believe their nervous tensions as symptoms of sickness. Their wives and family members however well and sympathetically look them after. Their second and seventh lords are venus and Jupiter respectively. Both of them are great benefices.

    For a Female virgoans also marriage is just like a partner-ship affairs. She considers sex as mean, base and not to be indulged in to quite often. She is a good house keeper, quick and active. In matters of finances she is very thrifty to the extent of being unbearable. to adjust with her the intelligent husband has to strain every nerve.

    The Vergoans have limited number of children but they are very keen to give them proper and the best education with the result they often over spend over their studies and come under debt. They may not be demonstrating their affections to them but they want them to be competent for the highest status of life where they can discharge their duties with credit.

    It is a sign of Mercury, the planet of intelligence. The native has an analytical mind. He has a quick perception. Despite this he consults many persons and himself gets confused in the process. His analytical intellect is utillised to find out the faults of others and pass remarks. Fond of finding the faults of others is bad for family life. The counterpart being to think that he or she is not liked. He is more concerned with money matters and spends almost all his energies and time in looking after the work in hand. Family life is disrupted and often the partner starts missing the idea of his indifference. This happens with the children also. Further, being too busy brings about the downfall of health. The native should give up the ideas of finding faults of others as they do and resist the temptation of being critical of others. Consultations are necessary but too many of them only confuse the native. Relaxation is also very necessary.


    Mental Tendencies:
    Persons born in libra are idealistic, quick-witted, vindictive, forceful, and positive.

    Physical tendencies:
    They generally possess fair complexion, a middle-sized stature, phlegmatic constitution, handsome appearance, broad face, fine eyes, broad chest and regular feature. Their appearance will be generally youthful.

    General Tendencies:
    People born in this are generally of a sensual disposition. They are keen observers of human nature. They have keen foresight and reason out things from the standpoint of their own views. They love justice, peace, and order and are agreeable persons. They are ambitious. They are more idealistic than realists or practical men and often contemplate on schemes that are like building castles in the air. They are not sensitive to what others say of them. As political leaders and religious reformers they exert tremendous influence over masses and sometimes their zeal and enthusiasm can go to such a pitch that they can force their view upon unwilling minds. They are not easily amenable to reason. They are great lovers of music. Truth and honesty have a special appeal for them.

    Libra is symbolized by scales. Venus the goddess of love is its ruler. They are good conversationists. They are sincere and honest. They never like hot arguments. They are well known for their compromising and adjusting ability. For their good qualities they are much sought after persons. Courtesy pays them. They are good long-term planners. They are successful both in public as well as financial lives. They are used to luxurious life and as such their expenses are generally disproportionate on their maintenances and decorations. Good costly as well as fashionable clothes are their peculiarities. They are experts in making friends and they are their lasting friends.

    MALES Librans have great magnetic powers. Their dress, perfumes and sweet smiles do more than half of their work. The rest is done by their sincerity and loyalty. They are highly fashionable. Being a movable sign the fashion rises suddenly and calms down slowly. They are highly disappointed if they do not get proper response. Despite all this they will hardly go in for separation or divorce. They are accommodative to the maximum limits. They are devoted husbands and fathers. They make due provision for their wives and children.

    FEMALES are intelligent, dynamic and versatile. They are happy both at home and in society. Like their male counterparts they are also highly sexed. A Libran lady, however allows the males to do all disagreeable acts with a smile. They can manage all situations. Their second and seventh lords are governed by fiery planets. A Libran girl tones the fire in her husband.

    Librans generally have a limited family because Saturn governs the fifth sign. The children are dutiful and obedient. The parents by charming smile and tactful handling can see that their orders are carried out by the children. Librans are very lucky so far as the question of children is concerned. They help them in their old age.
    The sign is ruled over by Venus. Though the sign is symbolized by weighing scale yet they are hardly balanced in their habits of eating. Because of the lordship of Venus the persons are gentle, soft and charming. This is more desirable women natives. They should keep themselves away from the opposite sex. More money is spent by these persons on their dresses and appearances. They should realize that they enough personal charms and that they need no further make up. They have very broad outlook and the sprit of forgive and forget reigns supreme. They may forgive but they should not forget what wrong has been done to them and by whom. They can easily be befouled by their companions. They are careful with their friends.


    Mental Tendencies:
    Sarcastic and impulsive, a female born in this sign will be masculine in nature. Interested in occult forms of study they possess a subtle mind, hard to influence.

    Physical tendencies:
    Persons born in this sign are handsome in appearance. The bones are well developed. They have broad eyes, tall figure, curly hair and broad forehead. The personality is forceful with prominent brows and perceptive faculties.

    General Tendencies:
    They will have a generous disposition. They are exceedingly fickle-minded and love much excitement. Though inclined to sensual things in reality, they will not hesitate to philosophise upon the virtues of controlling sensual pleasures. They are good correspondents. They are often brutal, brusque and keenly fond of contest. They possess enterprises. They appreciate luxury but are frugal. They can also become proficient in fine arts, dancing and the like. They may become expert musicians if they learn that art. They up hold their own views. Their constitution will be hot and they are liable to suffer from piles. They are good conversationalist as well as writers and often rely too much on their own intelligence.

    Scorpio borns are difficult persons to handle. They choose their friends from either very capable or very influential class. They make friends easily but do not have long term friend. They easily retaliate and retaliate very hard. If one has gain from he has to be very adusting and accommodating without expecting any reciprocity.

    Males are very sexy. To satisfy their lust they indulge in various types of sexual acts. They go sometimes to the meaneast actions in this respect. They want a demonstration of love from their counterparts. The great merit in them is that they do not generally lose morals. They try to provide all comforts of life to their wives and keep them in good cheer. They are found to be good husbands except for one thing that is they easily lose their tempers and become quite violent. Being highly sexed they sometimes lead prolonged sessions which affect their health and emotional life also.

    Females are no different from their male counterparts. They care more for their own honor and prestige. Normally no disharmony or tension between the couple is allowed to be known to any outsider because that brings a bad name to the family and its honor. It is also equally true that in their worst mood they shout so loudly and retort so embarrassingly that the prestige of the husband goes down. Females do not love unmasculine males but at the same time they do not want to be dominated.

    The sign is supposed to be the night abode of the fiery Mars. Here Mars looks carefully before he takes a leap. In other words he waits for the right opportunity to strike. If the native is bad he is really very bad for persons. They also suffer from their over-estimation of their capabilities. They pass sarcastic remarks and stoop to any level. they have patience and energy to deal with their opponents and their adversaries. Even their family life is affected adversely. They should try to avoid these extremes of their nature. They should take due care of their health.


    Mental Tendencies:
    Those born in Sagittarius have an inclination for philosophical and occult studies. They can acquire great mastery in these subjects. Humane and somewhat impulsive, they are generally active and enterprising.

    Physical tendencies:
    Persons born in this sign are generally inclined towards corpulence. They possess almond eyes and their hair is brown. They are usually good looking. Evenly set teeth, a happy smile, and fullness of figure characterize the native of Dhanu (Sagittarius).

    General Tendencies:
    They are of a phlegmatic temperament. They are too conventional and also business-like. They are prompt and uphold conservative views. They sympathetic and loving. And possess good foresight. At times they are restless and overanxious. They are too callous and enthusiastic. They hate all external show. They are God-fearing, honest, humble and free from hypocrisy. They exercise strict control over their food and drinks and in regard to their relations with the opposite sex. They are prone to be misunderstood unintentionally by others. In late years they must be careful about their lungs as they are liable to suffer from rheumatic pains and the like.

    Jupiter is the ruling planet. Natives are playful and enjoy mirth. They are men of moods in the sense that they can blow hot and cold almost with a lapse of few moments. They are liked by friends. Thy are gracious and helpful. A little of flattery is also not undesirable. The natives can see through the game of flattery but they still like it.

    The Sagittarians do not have a happy domestic life. It is significant that the lagnesha is also the 4rth lord yet the relations with kith and kins are strained. They can spend a lot on friends but do not like to spend even a fraction of it on the close relatives who are really needy.

    Male Sagittarians are fond of sports. They are busy in social activity leaving very little time for the home as if everything goes at the cost of domestic life. They consider love and romance also like sports but being of sound morals they never hide anything that they have done willingly or unwillingly. They give equal liberty to their wives. Maturity often appears late in the life of Sagittarians. He is a man of mood but his temper changes very soon. His wife has to be tactful and intelligent . She should try to understand her husband’s mood and be helpful. If she adjusts herself with her husband heaven will come down on earth.

    Female Sagittarians are not much different from their counterparts. Ladies want freedom. They therefore wish to be career women. They are interested in social activities are deeply attached to their pets. Despite all this they are good householders. They are non-interfering in the work of their husbands. They tender no advice unless asked for. But they are not silent spectators. If their husbands are wrong somewhere they will tell them most politely and with utmost humility. This often corrects their husbands and help directly or indirectly the advancement of their interest.

    Sagittarians love their children but not when they are small. As age advances with the children they starts fondling with them. The children cannot be corrected if they feel that their parents doubt them or curb their freedom. Parents should be tactful in dealing with their children if they want them to improve.


    Mental Tendencies:
    They are stoical to the miseries of life. Possessed of sympathy, generosity and philanthropy, self-willed, strong in purpose, secretive and vindictive, Capricorn natives are cunning and determined.

    Physical tendencies:
    Persons born in this sign are tall, lean, and reddish-brown in colour with prominent stiff hair on the eyebrows and chest. The head is big and the face fairly broad. They have large teeth, a big mouth, prominent nose, and are inclined to stoop. The body is thin and fleshy.

    General Tendencies:
    They have a knack to adapt themselves to circumstance. They have great aspirations in life and cannot economise funds. They like a lot of show. Noted for their perseverance. They become vindictive when Saturn is afflicted and may become somewhat bigoted. They are capable of much endeavor. In the home life they are perfectionists and often cannot get on well with husbands or wives. They should check this harmful tendency on their part. They are industrious. If Mars occupies any sign other than his own they lack of confidence, become funky, nervous and weak-minded. They can be described as “chatter-boxes” and have little or no control over their tongues.

    Capricorn is governed by Saturn. Capricorneans are slow to act because they take
    a long time in coming to any conclusion. Thinking, thinking, and again thinking is their virtue or vice. Their approach to any thing is very cautious because, perhaps, they are afraid of their future. They can leave any job or employment if they are satisfied that is ultimately in their interest.

    Males are not fit for romance. There are nothing like impulse with them. Even love for them is a well thought out affairs. They will never initiate even when they love some body. They will indirectly suggest to her and even when she responds and reciprocates they will start consideration again. They do not give expression to their affections. They can not dance. They want to rather love solitude although they are affectionate to the core and care for their love and her comforts etc. They are fond of most erotic form of love making. They are generally interested in girl much younger to them. If the wife does not allow satisfaction and if some other girl is available they may commit blunders.

    Females are a little different from their male counterparts. They are devoted house keepers. Their main consideration is the comforts of their husbands and children. They are clever wives. They do not allow the family to increase due to the unrestricted birth of children. They used family planning devices. They love sex in all its aspects but they do not allow any body to know that they are interested in it. The one who understands that wins them. They are generally kind., sympathetic, helping and loyal. Occasionally they become moody. They are not optimistic. They are often cautious in all their approaches.

    The main concern of the native is to acquire money. power, and prestige. He is over ambitious on both these counts. In his efforts to lead others he often meddles with their affairs directly or indirectly which causes irritations and frictions. To gain money and power he works overnight. He knows his worth quite well and is very optimistic but even minor failures are enough to upset him. Pulmonary troubles are not uncommon to such persons. They should work with dignity, foresight and diplomacy, which may be more helpful than their physical hard work and mental exercises. In matters of sex they are incorrigible. While they may have a devotion to purpose they should also be careful about their health. If they can guard against their weakness they can prove to be very good and successful persons.


    Mental Tendencies:
    Aquarius being a philosophical sign, people born in it becomes great teachers, writers, and lecturers, provided the sign is free from afflictions. Natives of Aquarius are reserved; they are peevish when provoked, generous hearted, highly sympathetic and are always bent upon helping others. They are intelligent, good memory and capable of dealing with facts.

    Physical tendencies:
    They are generally tall and lean with countenance, handsome, appearance attractive and disposition elegant. Their lips are flushy, cheeks are broad and they have prominent temples and buttocks. If Saturn is in 4th. the chest will weak with a tendency towards stooping.

    General Tendencies:
    They make friends of others very soon. They are peevish and when provoked, rise like a bulldog but their anger is easily subsides. They shine very well as authors and writers. They are sometimes timid and funky. Their conversation is always interesting. They feel shy to exhibit their talents before new audiences. They specialize in subjects like astrology and become great upholders of some such cause. Their literary greatness comes before the world when they are quite young. Unless the planetary positions are otherwise favorably situated, people born in this sign will suffer certain critical setbacks which will jeopardize their reputation. Owing to their humanitarian doctrines they are prone to be misunderstood. In family life, they will not have sufficient happiness. They will be much devoted to their husbands or wives They are liable to suffer from colic troubles, chest pain and the like. They should always be kept happy in life by their husbands or wives, otherwise their health would suffer.

    Aquarians have broad outlook. They are unselfish and very human in their approach. They believe in removing hurdles in the way of progress as if the law is for them and not vice versa. They are persons of wit and humour and intelligence . They have their own strong likes and dislikes. They are not moved by emotions but by reason. They are more for spiritual advancement. They are very stubborn but not fool-hardy.

    Males Aquarius prefer educated wives who should also be shrewd and social. They have their own principles, individuality and mannerism. As lovers they are very straight forward in expressions. There is not much place for delicate handling of such subjects or observing any decencies of behaviour.

    Females Aquarius fall in two categories in respect of sex. The one is very modest in sex matters. The other is just the reverse of it. She is a dare devil. Both the types have one common shortcoming. They do not have a strong will. They yield to him who wants to have them. No injustice is however tolerated. Aquarian ladies revolt against any injustice. They never go in for divorces or judicial separation etc. Family honor is precious for them with the result that a wrong male creates problems for them.

    Aquarians want quite a small family but they are the most devoted parents to their children. They do not pour their bitter pills of instructions down the throat of their children. They treat them as grown up persons. They watch them and offer corrective advices as they come from good friends. Their children give them due regards as well as affections.

    The natives are lazy and slow. He welcomes to be alone. Though he may not like the society he feels quite at home amidst the persons who are lazy and slow like him. They have their own peculiar ways of doing things. They are not orthodox. They feel that laws are made for them and hence they never stop doing un-natural or irregular things. Even in the society they have their own mannerism. They are pessimists. They need direction of all these traits. They should realize that they live and to live in society. They should therefore observe certain codes and maintain certain standards if they have to live in society. They should learn to be active and prompt. Instead of being pessimists they should devote themselves to work more earnestly after failures. There is no use brooding over failures and cursing luck or providence. They often suffer from liver troubles. They should have fresh air and also good friends if possible. Rest to mind as well as body is very essential.


    Mental Tendencies:
    Persons born in pisces are stubborn, psychically receptive, highly religious, stoical, bigoted, and God-fearing.

    Physical tendencies:
    They are fair, stout of middle-sized height, swarthy in complexion, eyes, ‘piscean’ , and inclined towards corpulence.

    General Tendencies:
    They are respecters of orthodoxical principles and can forego anything but orthodoxy. They are extremely superstitious. They are reserved and liable to draw premature conclusions on any matter. They are God-fearing and very rigid in the observance of religious customs and practices. They are stubborn, rather timid, and ambitious to exercise authority over others. They rarely realize their ambitions. They are restless and fond of history, antiquarians, talks and mythological masterpieces. They are frugal in spending money and though generally dependent upon others throughout their life, still bear a mark of independence. They are just in their dealings and fear to transgress the law of truth . With all this they lack self-confidence.

    The sign is ruled by Jupiter. Being a watery sign the native is generally philosophical and contemplative. He is restless and imaginative which may lead him to romance also. He suffers from unbounded generosity . as the sign is a dual sign he can not be steady. He shall be a puzzle to brothers as they find contradictions in his nature. He lacks self confidence. The native is fond of inviting guests who can pity him, sympathise with him and thus provides some solace.

    The pisces native loves happy domestic life. The great defect which he is that he loves every pretty face and his fancies start wandering. Being good by nature and kind by disposition he gets many friends who exploit him and desert him. The native loves the beauty and intellectual pursuits of his/her partner but becomes jealous and or suspicious too easily with the result that all love withers away. Being dreamy about love he goes on postponing and delaying he marriage. Mars by being a strong significator of 2nd house, will give a bold, brave and independent partner who if ill treated, will spoil all harmony of the house. If Venus and Saturn from evil aspect the married life may end in divorce. Mercurian partner will prove the best for Pisces born. He/she will be tactful and keep quite when husband or wife is angry and fondle when jolly. The Pisces born love and adore their children. The children also reciprocate the affections. If the Pisces born are strict and disciplinarians with their children the children will pay them in the same coin. The only drawback which needs rectification is that the Pisces born should not be moody, jealous and suspicious.

    The native are given to brooding when the results belie their expectation. This is bad and detrimental to further progress. The persons becomes pessimist and his efforts and enthusiasm are dampened. They also have a misunderstanding that the persons helped by them did not reciprocate to their call properly and in time. They should do all they do without any thought of reward and gratitude. They should forget what they did. Because of their feeling miserable with none to sympathise with them they try to get sympathies by narrating their tales of woe to others. This brings them down even in the eyes of those who otherwise had some regards. They belittle themselves.

    The natives are romantic. Their partners neither understand what they want nor can they cope up with them. They become difficult persons to live with. Frustrations make them prone to use of alcohol. Their health starts falling down. They should better be vegetarians having simple diets with fruits etc. They should not use liquor and have check upon their romantic and voluptuous nature.